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16 novembre 2010


[122] 2ndarySold in April, 07. Was off peak, but since we got relo assistance, we acluatly netted more than if we sold at peak with a broker. Cleared about 60K over my cutoff point.I did not pack all the time there. Only sporadically. Further, I never felt the need, but then, its like insurance. You have it but you hope to never need it.I often walked the dog late at night, and sometimes had to go into sketchier hoods. Having old Sam Colt or Mr. Makarov along meant I didn't have to think too much about where I walked, and if I tailed a hoodlum stalking my neighborhood, I wasn't concerned that they would get attitudinal (only one guy got attitudinal, a drunk white guy, but he never saw the iron he just knew I had it and dared me to use it you don't take that dare, and you don't ever point since the anti-gun Philly cops are trained to lie like a rug in order seize your hoglegs).

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